Guide to crafting

In this guide, I clear up the crafting system, which is one of new players’ biggest confusion. In Survival: Beginnings, crafting is unlike the previous games, it is not a starter tool, it’s only an interface, which may cause a bit of confusion to veterans.

Crafting is simple really, and to prove it, I’ll provide you with this visual tutorial!

Step 1: Know what you want to make!

There are many recipes in the game, want to make a club, a boat or a bomb? You choose! The recipes page is a great place for you to choose what you want to make.

For the purpose of this tutorial, I will choose the Raft, one of the simplest recipes in the game but a very important tool for progress! As shown in the recipes page, we need the following items to craft it: 3 Tree Trunks.

Step 2: Forage the items needed!

Everything in the game starts with this, foraging is the base of survival, so let’s do it! Almost every island has at least a couple of trees, so you just have to look around a bit until you find one!

A nice tree.

A nice tree.

Once you’ve found a tree like this one (or a variation of it), you have to select your “Forage” tool, usually on the second slot of the toolbar (enclosed in red in the image) and click on the trunk of the tree.

Let's forage it!

Let’s forage it!

After this process, the item will be found in your inventory. We need 3 trunks, so you must find 2 more trees. Once you have them, your inventory should look something like this:

The items are in our inventory now.

The items are in our inventory now.

Once you have all the ingredients required, you can either click the “Craft” button on your screen or press “C” on your keyboard. Another series of menus should then pop up, after this, select the correct category menu and then click on your selected item.

Let's make a raft!

Let’s make a raft!

After creating it, if it’s a Structure, Vehicle or Tool, it will appear in your toolbar.

It is not in our toolbar.

It is not in our toolbar.

You can now place your raft and explore the world!

Let's explore!

Let’s explore!

If you happen to need any extra advice on how to craft, or anything else from that matter, just leave a comment!


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