Welcome Survivalists!

First of all, welcome to this wonderful site! We hope you can trust us to your source of knowledge for the most recent game in the Survival series: Shagabash’s Survival: Beginnings.

This site will help you endure the game’s harsh mission of survival, thrive and conquest with various guides, tips and lists!

Second, please remain patient with us as we discover new content in this game. It is not easy, as it is a complex game with possibly hundreds (or maybe, at the current stage of it, dozens) of recipes and equally complex procedures. You can leave this post, though, assured that we will try as hard as is possible to bring to you the best content!

– Sincerely, Storny, Head of the Content Team


7 thoughts on “Welcome Survivalists!

    • You have to put the item near a fire until it turns into an item. You can start fires with the “flint” tool, just click any leaves or trunks you have.

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